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Post by Xelah on Sun May 01, 2016 11:49 pm

1a) shrine - creates a tile that charges to max power over 20 seconds. If a wounded friendly steps on it, they get healed and the shrine is destroyed.  If an undead steps on it (friendly or not), they get lit up for that much damage.
1b) spirit arrow - basic attack
1c) martyr - nearby friendlies take less damage, caster takes more
1d) cleanse - removes debuffs

2a) squirrel ambush - summons squirrels for a short time.  They get a synergy bonus the more squirrels are present.
2b) vigor - puts a Regen effect on the target
2c) wall of trees - does what it says on the tin
2d) nocturnal - night sight

3a) milestone - marks a rune
3b) memory's path - recall
3c) vitalize - buffs target, giving them extra hitpoints
3d) heal - restores hitpoints directly to target

4a) Tree of life - creates a tree that heals nearby friendlies over time.
4b) ravage spirit - aoe attack spell
4c) insects - puts a damage over time effect and debuffs on the target
4d) Fine Pottery - summons an angry bull, not under caster control to wreck shop

5a) Lifestream - target disappears for a moment and is healed upon return... unless the target is undead...
5b) wisdom of time - nearby friendlies get bonus xp for a while
5c) troll form - turns the target into a troll for a short time (trolls have massive regen)
5d) army of squirrels - summons more squirrels and causes all squirrels present after casting to gain a few levels of the soldier class, allowing friendly PC soldiers to further buff them.

6a) Fountain of Life - Costs caster hitpoints and mana to maintain, removes all life school healing buffs from caster. All friendlies in a large radius from the caster regenerate like crazy

7a) Desperate Hour - Kills the caster.  Buffs the hell out of every friendly in a large radius.  Debuffs and damages nearby enemies in the same radius.  Savagely harms enemy undead, obliterates most undead "mooks"


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